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The Competition For Dog Photographer Of The Year Was Seriously Fierce

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We live in a golden age where anyone with a camera phone can snap a shot of their dog and upload it on the internet for the whole world to enjoy. For some, their passion for puppy photography can actually turn into a full-time job, and we're glad, because the world desperately needs adorable dog pictures right now.

Which is why this year's winners of the Dog Photographer of the Year awards have arrived at just the right time. The international competition is organized by the UK's Kennel Club and judged by a team of professional photographers and dog experts.

This year's winner was "Girl's Best Friend," by Portugal's Maria Davison Ramos.

Ramos (and her adorable rescue dog Yzma) won a one-on-one session with pro dog photograpger Andy Bigger, as well as an oil painting of the winning photo and a nice trophy.

The competition featured categories with themes ranging from "Dogs at Work" to "Puppies," and special categories for rescue dogs and young photographers.

Each of the top 3 photos in each category also received a prize, but we're the real winners because we get to enjoy these amazing photos.

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