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The Crash Was Fatal, But Their Hope Is Eternal

When Hannah Simmons, 23, her 9-month-old daughter, and friend Lauren Buteau were killed in a fatal car accident, their families were left reeling.

How were they to move on? Such young lives taken to early, all because Hannah lost control of her SUV and crashed into another vehicle.

Anisa Gannon, the driver of the other vehicle, was left stranded on the highway while traffic slowed and authorities came to the scene.

Gannon was on her way to work, so she took a picture to send to her boss in order to prove that she was in an accident. Gannon also sent the picture to her aunt, Tara Noble.

When Noble saw the picture, she knew immediately there was something special.

Daily Mail

Noble instantly saw what she calls the 'pathway to heaven.'

"I don't believe in coincidences, especially the two "lights" inside that bigger light," she says. "It brought the families peace, whether it's a glare or not. It's indescribable, basically, and it does look like them leaving."

Tara Noble contacted Hannah's mother, Judy, who says the photo was a 'gift.'

"That picture was taken for a reason — to give me sanity," says Judy. "Hannah was also my best friend, and she's looking down from heaven now."

Lauren Buteau (left), Hannah Simmons (center), and Paige Wilson (Hannah's cousin, right)Daily Mail

Hannah's cousin Paige says she has 'no doubt it’s some kind of sign' for both families to let them know Hannah, Lauren, and baby A'lannah are smiling down on them from heaven.

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