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The Day Of The Week You Were Born On Says So Much About You

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We all know that the date of our birth can reveal a lot about who we are personally and where our life paths are destined to take us.

But many people don't know that the actual day of the week we were born on can also tell us a lot about the kinds of people we are going to be.

You likely know the classic nursery rhyme about Monday's child, but there's a little more to it than just how fair of face we all are. Scroll down to find out what kinds of traits you may have hiding within:


Monday's Child is Fair of Face.

Those born on Monday aren't all blond-haired, blue-eyed, but they certainly do share some key characteristics. They are known as the most loving personalities: fully family-oriented.

Monday babies find creative ways to include everyone and ensure that we are all treated equally. They are the peacemakers.


Tuesday's Child is full of Grace.

People born on Tuesday are highly successful - mostly due to their sensitivity to criticism. They have high amounts of energy and drive that should be channeled towards their goals, rather than dwelling on the haters.

They are some of the worlds most honest people.

Born on a Wednesday? Find out what that says about you on the next page!

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