The Deadly Party Trick Everyone Does But Should Stop Right Now

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One Friday afternoon nine-year-old Daisy was dining at McDonald's with her mom, brother and grandmother when mealtime went from happy to unhappy in a blink of an eye.

The young girl was tasked with watching her brother while her mother, Kelly Milne, went up to place their order. Suddenly, everyone stopped dead in their tracks after a loud bang came from the back of the room.

“Daisy must have been standing with her back to the area where the sauces are placed and the next thing I heard was a bang," explained Kelly. “I looked round and she was slumped in the corner -she had collapsed."

The 29-year-old mother rushed to her daughter's side and noticed that she had fainted and her "eyes were rolling."

The restaurant's staff came to Daisy's aid and helped resuscitate her after she'd been unconscious for about 5 minutes.

"The staff took Daisy outside to get some fresh air. They dealt with it brilliantly," a relieved Kelly told The Sun.

So what could have caused this frightening experience?

Prior to the incident Daisy was entertaining her brother by using a helium balloon to change the pitch of her voice. She must have taken in a bit too much of the gas which caused her to temporarily lose consciousness.

“Daisy has never had an episode like this before so we can only put it down to sucking the helium out of the balloon," said Kelly.

The mom then took to social media to warn parents about dangers of inhaling helium. Click on the next page to find out how this common party trick could be fatal.

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