The Disturbing Truth About The Passenger Dragged Off United Flight


The Disturbing Truth About The Passenger Dragged Off United Flight

69-year-old David Dao was 1 of 4 passengers asked to leave an overbooked flight from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on its way to Louisville, KY.

After an altercation with employees, Dao was left bloodied and bruised as officials dragged him through the aisle of the aircraft.

After the incident, details of Dao's life have come to light including the fact that he is a doctor in Kentucky.

His work was the reason why he refused to leave the aircraft when asked. He said he had patients to see early Monday morning and couldn't afford the delay.

"I won't go. I'm physician, have to work tomorrow, eight o'clock," you can hear Dao saying to the officers in the clip.

After graduating from the University of Medicine at Saigon University in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam in 1974, he worked at Hardin Memorial Hospital and at a prison in Michigan City before opening his own practice with his wife.

The father of 5 has had run-ins with the law before including being indicted for drug-related offenses in October 2003. He was charged with 98 counts of illegally prescribing and trafficking painkillers. He was then convicted in 2004 and placed under a 5 year supervised probation.

His questionable behavior didn't stop with his drug charges. It was discovered that he was sexually pursuing a male patient, Brian Case who he knew from church. This included performing unnecessary physical examinations, writing prescriptions he didn't need and eventually hiring him as his office manager. The man eventually left his job after filing a criminal complaint indicated that Dao arranged to provide him with prescription drugs in exchange for sex.

Dr. Dao was arrested when Case, who was 26 at the time- less than half the doctor's age, agreed to go undercover. After being caught with his shirt off and his pants unbuckled, he denied what was about to occur.

Due to these transgressions, his medical licence was suspended in 2003, and was eventually reinstated in 2016 after completing workshops and undergoing psychological evaluations. During his evaluations he stated that regaining his medical licence was a matter of "family honor". 4 of his 5 children are doctors. His wife Teresa is a pediatrician, their eldest son Tim practices medicine in Texas, their second son Ben is a medical graduate, their daughter Christine is a doctor in Durham NC, and their youngest daughter Angela is a medical graduate of the University of Kentucky. Their older daughter Crystal, Christine's twin is a married mother living in Illinois.

In addition to his medical background Dao was also an avid and successful poker player. He made $243,644 in multiple World Series of Poker tournaments starting in 2006.

Regardless of his past, airport officials told the Associated Press that Dao was not selected to be removed from the flight for any of these reasons.

What do you think? Was this just random chance?