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The FBI And Police Couldn't Find This Missing Girl, But This Supermarket Worker Did In Just 2 Days

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The kidnapping of a 4-year-old girl had stumped police and the FBI for weeks, but a supermarket worker from a different country solved the case in just 2 days.

Yvette with her grandfather Gary Forester.Gary Forester / Facebook

Yvette Henley had been living with her father Virgil Henley until June, when a court ruled that she was suffering "emotional damage" and that the home was unsafe for her. Custody was given to her grandparents Gary and Kim Forester instead.

Gary and Kim Forester.Gary Forester / Facebook

But by that time Virgil had already disappeared, leaving the state with Yvette and his new girlfriend. A manhunt started, but after 3 weeks of searching local police and the FBI's child abduction task force hadn't found any sign of Virgil or Yvette.

Desperate for any leads he could find, Gary started tracking Virgil's Facebook page. The careless kidnapper revealed he was in Arizona by complaining about the weather on his account, and Gary hoped he would let more information slip out.

Gary recruited Virgil's Facebook friends to find the missing girl.Harry Brown / Facebook

He even started recruiting Gary's Facebook friends to see if they could work any clues out of him. One of his recruits, a 21-year-old grocery store worker form the UK, managed to crack the case in just 2 days with a genius plan.

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