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The First Animal You Spot Reveals Secrets About Your Personality

The first thing that comes to your mind when you see a certain color or visit a certain place is reflective of your past experiences and how your perceive life in general.

The much more subtle actions like your handwriting and how you make a fist can really show off the personality traits you never knew about yourself. Whether you believe you're a strong leader or you work well with others can all be explained with something as simple as an image.

Inkblot tests have been around for decades as a way for psychologists to examine personality traits and emotional functioning of their patients. So let's see what this image says about your personality.  

Take a good look at the picture below. Which animal do you see first?

So what does it say about you?

1. Lots of Zebras

If you notice a crazy amount of zebras first, then you are a charismatic person who is at their most comfortable when in a group. You believe in strength in numbers, so you may feel unsure or insecure if you're by yourself.

2. A Lion

If the lion pops into your mind first, then you have a big ego and you know it! You have a strong will and won't back down when someone has a difference in opinion. You are a quick-learner which adds to your self-esteem. You may, however, struggle to work in a group or on a team because of your stubborn nature.

3. A Bird Sitting on a Zebra

If you noticed the bird sitting on the zebra, you have a keen eye for detail. You are an objective person who likes order. You believe there's a place for everything and everything should be in its place. There's also a strong chance that you're a perfectionist.

4. A Lion and Zebras Together

If you saw both the lion and zebras at the same time when you looked at the image, it means you're a good multitasker and don't have to concentrate hard to discover new things. Only 5% of people see the zebras and lion at the same time, so if you're one of them you have a good chance of becoming a leader.

Which answer did you get? Share with a friend and compare.

Inspiration: Newsner