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The First Easy Bake Oven Doesn't Look Anything Like It Does Today!

If you were a little girl in the 60s, you probably remember asking for one of these new toys for Christmas.

When the Easy-Bake Oven made it's debut in 1963,  every little girl and her sister wanted one of these! It was produced to make your very own little cakes and cookies without any need for adult supervision!

No more fake tea parties, with this little oven, our dolls had the very best treats!


The popular toy was a plastic oven that baked tiny cakes was an instant hit. IT was essentially a box that came in turquoise or pale yellow with a handle. The slot on the side was where you pushed in a little pan and there was a window that allowed you to watch the cake rise.

The toy used the heat of conventional light bulbs (350 degrees Farenheit) to cook miniature cakes and cookies. It was marketed as a safe toy because kids were around light bulbs all the time, so parents had nothing to fear of burns.

The treats weren't very tasty - often gooey hockey pucks of chocolate, but they were ours to make. The main concern was that 10-15 minutes was a long time for a child to wait before the cake was ready.



Kids today have a more gender-neutral Easy Bake Ultimate Oven that cooks with a heating element. There are still pink and purple varieties, but this silver-and-blue coloring makes it more appealing to boys who like to bake too.

Did you have one of these growing up? Which one is better?

[h/t DustyOldThing / Collectors Weekly]

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