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The First Real Mermaid May Have Been Found In California

Does this sound like the Little Mermaid to you?

Police have released a photograph of a half-naked woman they found wandering the streets in Fresno, California at 3am on April 4th. The woman, who was first spotted by a driver who stopped to see if she was all right, claimed to be a mermaid.

The man quickly called emergency services and she was taken to a medical center. When questioned, the woman told officers her name was Joanna and that she'd been swimming in a lake nearby. Police also found something creepy and shocking: the woman actually had webbed feet!

The Sun

Needless to say, people were a little freaked out. Although Joanna seemed to be open to questions, she didn't remember anything else about her identity or where she'd come from.

Authorities have issued an appeal to anyone with information about the woman to contact the Fresno police.

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We want to know what you think. Is this woman delusional, playing a trick, or could she really be a mermaid?