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The First Time Dolly Parton Performed Jolene [VIDEO]

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Do you remember when Dolly Parton was part of a country music duo? She and Porter Wagoner produced several top 10 singles by 1973. One year later, the duo split which is when Parton wrote the iconic song, "I Will Always Love You."

It's not like Parton needed a partner, though. She already had a solo #1 song in "Joshua" while with Porter, and had written what will go down as one of the best country songs of all time. Parton wrote "Jolene" while still with her duo,and even premiered it on The Porter Wagoner Show.

"Jolene" was written after Parton saw a red-headed woman flirt with her husband, Carl Dean. The song is a heartbreaking plea from a wife to another woman, begging her not to steal her husband away. The plea must have worked, too! Parton and Dean just celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary.

Jolene would go on to be Parton's second #1 song, and earned her two Grammy nominations as well: one for the original release and one for a live version released the following year. Though she did not win a Grammy either of those times, she did win one for releasing Jolene in 2017 along with a cappella group Pentatonix.

For country music fans, however, they'll tell you nothing beats the first performance of "Jolene" on The Porter Wagoner show in 1973.

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