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The Full Flower Moon Only Happens Once A Year, Don't Miss This Dazzling Display

It appears on only one night and, this year, you'll be able to spot the Flower Moon on May 10th. It promises to be a brilliant, shining moon on a clear night.

The Flower Moon was given it's for the stunning array of flowers that have bloomed by the time the newest spring full moon arrives.

So called by the Native Americans, it is also known as the Milk Moon or the Corn Planting Moon.


Like many full moons, this one inspires a flow of emotions and a surge of energy.

But with the new season of rebirth and renewal upon us, you may find yourself revitalized.

Like the colorful flowers that burst forth, you will wash away the stagnant energy of winter and make room for more a more positive perspective on life.


So, take a cue from this year's Full Flower Moon and shine a light on the new days ahead.

It's time to show our true colors to the world and greet the day with a positive attitude!

Enhance your experience of this full moon by wearing the lucky colors for this time: Red, Orange and Yellow.

[h/t Refinery29]

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