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The Game Show That Basically Tried To Kill Contestants

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I get it, okay? We all love money. Money is great. Money buys pretty, pretty things.

But how far would you REALLY go for $100,000? Would you risk your life to win some cash and be on TV?

Fox network thought you would, so they created an insanely dangerous game show called The Chamber.

Not surprisingly, the show only lasted THREE EPISODES before getting the axe. But it's still fun to look back on and see how ridiculous the challenges were.

The Premise

Contestants who wanted to submit themselves to outrageous torture in return for cash. The person playing would be strapped in a chair in a literal chamber, with their arms raised over their heads. They were adorned with medical equipment and muscle contractors and had to sign a waiver saying they're not only willing to play, but also that if they die it's not the studio's fault. Yikes.

A computer would randomly select if the contestant would be playing in the "hot" chamber or the "cold chamber." Each chamber had its own set of challenges which we'll go over in a minute.

So how exactly do you play? Great question.

Each round is one minute long. The player is asked questions while enduring the extreme measures and for every correct answer, you got $1,000. If you survive the entire minute, you get a 10 second break. If you don't last a minute, you lose half your money. Each round featured more intense conditions and the longer you lasted, the more money you won. Pretty simple.

There were medics on staff in case people needed help, if you were wondering. So REALLY, it's safe, right?

World News

Click through to see what each chamber's conditions consisted of!

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