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The Heartwarming Reason Why One Woman Leaves Anonymous Notes All Over Her City

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Hope Sent

Every day people across America leave things behind, from their wallets and phones to their car keys, but one woman from San Diego leaves a little bit of hope everywhere she goes.

Her anonymous cards have become famous across the city. They each come in a plain brown envelope, stuck somewhere with a colorful piece of tape. The outside always says the same thing:

"Hello! If you find this card it belongs to you. Go ahead and open it."

Inside, the "Note Fairy" - as she's become known around town - writes a unique message of hope and faith, meant to comfort whoever finds and reads the letter. And people who have discovered her letters say it really does help.

Crystal Turk found one of the envelopes taped to a tree outside Walmart. The kind and sweet message inside came at just the right time. Turk's husband is in jail, and she's been raising their children on her own.

“We’ve hit a few bumps in the road on his journey home, and just this week it hit me pretty hard," she told NBC news. "Getting the note of encouragement saying 'never give up hope' is just what I needed.”

Another woman found a card at Starbucks after her husband had an affair, and says the message of hope was a life saver during a time when she "was going through things that I didn’t have answers for.”

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