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Man Protects His Garbage With A "Bear Trap" Made Using A Toy Clown [Video]

There's just something creepy about clowns that we can't put our finger on. When we were kids we loved watching these jokesters and their silly antics, but as adults they're just so...scary. That's probably why Larry Ogle's very creative bear trap is so effective: even animals can tell when something just isn't right.

City slickers may worry about running into a hungry bear in the woods, or on the bike trail, but if you live in the country they're more like nosy neighbors.

No matter what kind of indestructible trashcan you buy, they won't quit until they bust it open to get the yummy garbage inside.

So Larry decided to invest in a security guard. Not a real one - that would be too expensive - but a motion-detecting clown puppet with a creepy laugh that sends this huge animal running for the hills.

Turn up the volume for this video, if you dare.

Bear Problem.......Solved! Make sure your volume is turned up. For licensing inquiries, please contact licensing@viralhog.com

Posted by Larry Ogle on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"Bear problem....solved!" Larry wrote on Facebook. Not for long, probably. Not even creepy clowns can keep a hungry bear from his dinner, but the animal definitely won't be coming around for a few days.

I wonder where Larry bought that clown. I bet if I left one sitting on my couch my cats would never go near it again!

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