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The Infamous Serial Killer That Americans Don't Know About

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All you ever heard about Canada is how friendly the people are.

And for the most part, that's true.

But then you heard about some stuff that sends chills up your spine.

Ever heard of Robert Pickton? He was a pig farmer in British Columbia, Canada who made headlines for his 19 years of crime. Sound like a long time? You haven't even heard the half of it.

Early Life

Robert Pickton had a troubled childhood, as it seems all serial killers do. His dad wasn't around and his mom wasn't always a mother. She ran the family business and expected her kids to put in hours of work at the family meat shop. When Robert (who went by Willie as a kid) wanted to get away, he would hide in the gutted carcasses of large pigs. He also had a visceral fear of showers, which didn't make him popular at school.

When he was a boy, Robert's older brother David accidentally hit a neighboring kid with his truck and ran to get his mom for help. Instead of taking the boy to the hospital, Pickton's mom rolled the boy into the ditch and walked away. When his body was later discovered, it was apparent that the injuries he suffered from the car accident were not enough to kill him, but rather drowning in the murky ditch water.


The Farm

Robert and David Pickton grew up and owned a farm together in Port Coquitlam. One of their workers, Bill Hiscox, described Robert Pickton as a "pretty quiet guy, hard to strike up a conversation with."

The farm was patrolled by a giant, 600lb boar.

"I never saw a pig like that, who would chase you and bite at you," Hiscox said. "It was running out with the dogs around the property."

The Pickton brothers decided to register their farm as a non-profit charity and started holding raves and prostitute parties in a converted slaughterhouse. They told the government they were aiming to "organize, co-ordinate, manage and operate special events, functions, dances, shows and exhibitions on behalf of service organizations, sports organizations and other worthy groups." Umm...okay, sure.

In 1997, 5 years after starting their farm, Robert Pickton was charged with the attempted murder of prostitute Wendy Lynn Eistetter, whom he stabbed several times. The charges were dropped, but the Picktons were sued for violating zoning ordinances and were ultimately banned from holding parties at their farm.

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