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The Internet is Loving This Chick-fil-a Cashier's Dedication To His Customer

There's nothing worse than asking for something specific at a restaurant and being given a watered down version of what you wanted. You're paying your hard-earned money, you should be able to get your food the way you like it. More onions means more than just 1 extra pinch of onion (looking at you Tony from Subway!) and a s*&^ load of Chick-fil-a sauce means just that.

When one customer went to their local Chick-fil-a restaurant they knew exactly what they were after. They ordered a delicious spicy deluxe with fries, a large sweet tea, 8-pieces of tasty nuggets with, yes you guessed it, a s*&^ load of Chick-fil-a sauce. After all, nuggets are really only as good as the sauce you dip them in, and few sauces are better than Chick-fil-a's.

Not wanting to disappoint the cashier dutifully typed out the message - word for word. Just like they should!

The delighted customers found it hilarious, due in no small part to their food high I imagine, and snapped a photo of the receipt - printed proof that Chick-fil-a cares. Reddit exploded with praise for the cashier, and more than a little envy. Many people were debating just how much a S*** load might actually be.


Just a day after the event the photo had been liked by over 30,000 people, with hundreds of comments too. This one small move by a cashier resulted in a lot of good internet press for Chick-fil-a, and a delicious meal for a customer.

Clearly people have a lot of feelings about nugget sauce - let us know yours!

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