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The List Of America's Favorite Ice Cream Flavors Has Everyone Upset

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Did you realize that July is National Ice Cream Month in America? As if you needed another reason to celebrate with a frosty bowl of your favorite flavor - but which one is that?

Every year the International Dairy Foods Association (yes, really) conducts a survey of American ice cream makers and sellers from across the country. The results of that survey reveal America's favorite flavor, but also some surprising facts:

90% of Americans eat ice cream, but the Great Lakes region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin) enjoy the most. And while Americans enjoy both sugar and waffle cones, they prefer ice cream sandwiches over bars or cones.

Finally, there were some unusual flavor combinations that didn't make this year's list, including lemon poppy seed ice cream, black sesame, and a bourbon-caffeine mix called Exhausted Parent - better luck next year!

10. Neapolitan

Isn't this cheating? This flavor is the perfect treat for indecisive eaters. The only question is should you eat each color separately, or combine them in one spoonful?

9. Moose Tracks

An unusual twist on a classic, Moose Tracks combines fudge and peanut butter cups in vanilla ice cream. For a healthier treat, you can pick up trail mix inspired by this flavor.

8. Strawberry

It's surprising that this bright pink flavor didn't reach the top 5. It was served at President James Madison's second inauguration in 1813, but just doesn't have the basic appeal of chocolate or vanilla.

7. Cookie Dough

The Ben and Jerry's location in Burlington, Vermont got an anonymous suggestion asking for cookie dough ice cream in the late '80s, and was the only place to make the flavor before the brand ramped up production in 1991.

6. Buttered Pecan

Whether you prefer this classic flavor or the variation that features almonds, the sweet nutty taste can't be beat.

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