The Mayor Was Holding A Serious Interview, But His Cat Didn't Care

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The Mayor Was Holding A Serious Interview, But His Cat Didn't Care

Lately it seems like no one can have a serious TV interview without some kind of hilarious interruption. But hey, we're not complaining because it's a great way to lighten the mood.

The latest person to have their thunder stolen on live television is Nils UÅ¡akovs, the Mayor of Riga, Latvia's capital.

He was holding a live Q&A with his citizens when a curious cat wandered onto his desk. It turns out the animal couldn't care less about the camera, but was very interested in his coffee.

It seems like the cat wanted to show who's really the boss in city hall, cutting off Nils and drinking from his coffee cup, then dipping away when the mayor tries to pet him.

Online, many people compared the clip to Robert Kelly's disastrous BBC interview last month, and just like that that case, there seems to be a mystery about the scene-stealer's identity.

Many people identified the cat as either Kuzya or Muris, the city's official mascot cats who live in the mayor's building, but his office identified the naughty cat as Dumka, the mayor's pet.

In the past Nils has been known for his love of social media and cats, but it looks like his two passions have collided in a very silly way.

Hopefully they invite Dumka back on TV to explain his side of the story!

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