Scaramucci Isn't Done With America, Announces Plans To Take On The Mainstream Media

Anthony Scaramucci, aka "The Mooch", only lasted 10 days as  Donald Trump's communications director due to conflicts with a number of other White House staffers. But with a personality and persona such as his, we knew it wouldn't be long before he was back in the lime-light.


"The Mooch" announced that he is launching his own digital news platform. No one is sure when this site will be up, or what will be covered on it, but it has definitly gotten the attention of social media users everywhere. Twitter users specifically had a field day, one such user, @LanaLakke making the suggestion that the new site be dubbed, "The Moochington Post".

Time Magazine

Little exists to tell us more about the upcoming launch, the domain name takes you too a page featuring a logo and a winking emoji face.

It's hard to determine how big of a splash The Scaramucci Post will make in the already convoluted world of political journalism, but I think it is safe to say that he will use his infamy in order to further the brand and develop a loyal readership and following.


Mooch was active on Twitter last night, retweeting everything that was directed his way. He may have also let slip that he will be starting some form of media platform that will focus on the world of celebrity sightings and gossip.

Would you look to The Mooch for your daily dose of news and celebrity gossip?