The Most Important Thing About Pizza That You'll Ever Learn

Somewhere someone is having a pizza night. Deliciously cheesy food is making its way to homes right now! It's a nice thought, but it hides a darker tragedy. Most of these people probably ordered less pizza than they really wanted. It's sad I know, but don't worry, because  math is here to make sure you won't make the same mistake.

Many people close up their math textbooks after school and go on to live lives free of formulas and calculations. Aside from basic arithmetic we don't really need math right? Wrong! Math is the ticket to making sure you order the biggest possible pizza for the least amount of money.

Medium Pizzas
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First let's start with a fact that just might blow your mind. One 18-inch pizza is bigger than 2 12-inch pizzas.


Are you still with me? Here's how it works:

The formula for area of a circle is A=πr² and since most pizzas are circles that's the formula you want to use. So let's play it out. The radius of an 18-inch pizza is 9, so the area of the large pizza is 254.47 inchs of pizza.

That's a lot of pizza!

The radius of one of the smaller pizzas is 113.1 inches of pizza. Now multiply that by 2 and you have 226.2 inches of pizza, or 18 less inches of pizza.

Maybe all this math has turned your stomach, but you can't argue with the facts! Keep this in mind next time you're ordering, because a large pizza is usually cheaper than 2 mediums, and you'll get more for it.

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