The Most Terrifying Urban Legends By State, Proving Nowhere Is Safe

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It's important to be aware of all the urban legends in every state, because you obviously need to know what you're up against should you make the trek across the country.

So we decided to put it all together for you in one, easy, somewhat terrifying spot!


In Alabama, the story of Hell's Gate Bridge lives strong. Rumor has it a young couple drove off the bridge late at night and died. Since then, the bridge has been closed off but if you stop your car there on certain nights, you can gaze into the fiery pits of hell.


In Alaska, the "Bushman" or Big Foot is the most well-known urban legend. The Bushman is rumored to be a species of creature known as a "Tornit." Legend has it that a long time ago, the Tornits and Inuit native Americans lived harmoniously on the land with an agreement of peace. However, a Tornit broke one of the Inuti kayaks, which prompted the Inuit to kill the Tornit. Since then, the Tornits migrated to a safer location. Big Foot is believed to be one of the few, angry Tornits who stayed to exact revenge on the people who live in the area.


The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine is a dangerous urban legend that has gotten people killed. People who are in desperate need of money try to find the missing gold mine that German immigrant Jacob Waltz supposedly located in the 1800s but never harvested. Anyone who has gone to look for the mine ends up with a terrible fate. They are found without their heads, attacked by snipers, or completely vanish with no trace.  


The "Dog Boy" legend in Arkansas is one of the most disturbing stories. Rumor has it that Gerald Floyd Bettis was a deranged lunatic who would gain satanic powers by performing experiments and rituals on dogs. Bettis died of a drug overdose many years ago, but neighbors still claim they can hear the howling of the animals in the distance. More recently, people claim to have seen spirits that resemble Bettis in their homes.


In 1984, one woman's blood shut down an entire hospital and poisoned 23 hospital workers. Many people believe she was not human. Gloria Ramirez had her blood drawn in the ER and the second her blood started to come out, a foul smell filled the entire room and she began to turn oily. Of the 37 employees in the emergency room, 23 of them experienced symptoms. Some passed out immediately, others lost the use of their limbs. One worker spent two weeks in intensive care. Ramirez died 40 minutes after her blood was drawn. To this day, there has been no concrete explanation as to what was in Ramirez's blood that would have such an adverse affect so quickly.


The "Ridge Home", or Colorado State Home for Mental Defectives, was built in 1909 and was a place for the 'undesirables' to be housed. This included orphans, mentally disabled adults, and kids deemed insane. The Ridge Home shut down, but it remained a hot spot in the city for people to visit. Stories of flickering lights, shadows, voices, and moving objects have all been reported, presumably the spirits of residents-past.


Connecticut boasts, perhaps unluckily, the most interactions with 'melon heads' in the country. Legend has it that these creatures are the escapees of an insane asylum that burned to the ground. The strange appearance of melon heads come from cannibalism and inbreeding. It's rumored that if you come across a melon head, they will eat you on the spot.


So this one isn't the worst possible ghost story, but it's definitely an inconvenience. There was a judge in Delaware by the name of Samuel Chews. People always mocked him for his name, pretending to sneeze in front of him or greeting him by saying "Ah, Chews!" When he died, Chews came back to haunt all the people who mocked him, sending them into uncontrollable fits of sneezing.


The Devil's Chair is certainly a mysterious tale. Legend has it that Satan himself sits in this chair at a cemetery in Florida. If you leave an unopened can of beer on the chair, it will be empty by morning. Sometimes the can has been opened, but sometimes the can is completely sealed and still empty. Satan is rumored to visit anyone who dares to sit in his chair.


In Georgia, the Baby Bridge is a well-known urban legend. According to history, a poor farmer found out his wife was pregnant with their fifth child. Knowing they couldn't afford another child, the husband asked the doctor to immediately kill the baby after it was born. The doctor agreed, and after the delivery he threw the baby off this bridge into the water. Legend has it if you visit the bridge on a full moon and sprinkle baby powder around your car, you'll see tiny footprints in the powder and hear the distant sound of a baby crying.

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