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Mysterious Cat With Bright Green Fur Has Been Spotted For Years, But We Finally Have Answers

We can all agree that cats are very mysterious creatures, but one in particular has people stumped because of its unusual color.

Since 2014, an unnamed green cat (yes, a real-life green cat) has been roaming the streets of Varna, Bulgaria and it's peculiar look has turned it into an internet sensation.


Many of the town's residents and tourists assumed the worst and chalked-up the cat's eye-catching fur color to have been caused by someone playing a cruel prank. Some of them even created a Facebook group to catch the perpetrator.  

Thankfully, the truth behind the Bulgarian feline's unnatural color is far less sinister.

So how did this kitty end up with its emerald-hued fur?

According to the locals, the bright colored stray got its striking color by sleeping and rolling on a pile of synthetic green paint left behind in a garage.


The cat doesn't seem to have suffered any side effects from the paint, so it's very likely that the paint is non-toxic.


When news of the bizarre jewel-toned cat first began to circulate, animal welfare and rescue organizations tried to catch the feline to clean its fur, but their efforts failed until recently.


Today, the special kitty has been provided with a new paint-free sleeping spot and its fur has been washed. It has almost regained all of its natural coloring except for the area around its eyes, ears and chest.

Even with a lighter fur, it's still a very pretty kitty!

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