The Newest Ivanka Trump Controversy Is Eye-Opening

Donald Trump's daughter has been in the spotlight for years, and since her father won the presidency she's been talked about almost daily. So it's natural that people will launch all kinds of crazy theories and stories, but one in particular stands out.

Ivanka Trump's eyes are changing color. Seriously.

Looking at photos from months ago Ivanka Trump's eyes are a rich chestnut brown, but in recent interviews and addresses her eyes are a striking green.

Color Eyes

Why the change?

"These are definitely colored contact lenses," said Optometrist Dr. Jacob Nacomb. According to Inside Edition sources close to Trump agree. She apparently prefers green eyes for high profile events, but sticks with her natural brown for others.

Psychologist Zelana Montminy says there's a reason for that. She says that when people change their appearance it's because "they want to be seen in a different way."

Trump has gone from a successful businesswoman to a close adviser of the most powerful man in the world. Perhaps that's why her shift in appearance.

Considering the feelings about her father no doubt the First Daughter will be criticized for her use of contacts, but at least we can put this one conspiracy theory to rest.

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