The Next Celebrity Couple To Break Up As Predicted By Their Star Signs

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Chris Pratt and Anna Farris have broken up, and now we're searching for a new Hollywood couple to put all our hopes for love on. After all, dating is hard, relationships are work, and watching two of our favorite stars look lovingly into each other's eyes makes it all seem worth it.

If they can find love, so can we. That's why celebrity couples mean so much to us.

Although Pratt and Farris might be dust in the wind, there are still a lot of other famous pairings that will keep us gossiping. Some have stood the test of time so far, but others are bound to fail.

We look to the stars to help us predict who is the next big celebrity split.

Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake


Signs: Pisces/Aquarius

These signs sit side by side on the Zodiac wheel, and can have quite a bit in common, that's not always a good thing. Even though they have some similarities Pisces and Aquarius don't always make a good match, in fact they often don't.

Biel and Timberlake have been around for awhile. They reportedly started dating back in 2007 and the public couldn't have been happier. They both are fabulously good-looking and many people loved how the two huge stars kept their lives private.

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In 2011 the public was upset to hear of a split between the two, but they managed to mend fences and just recently celebrated their wedding anniversary. So are there are more storm clouds in this couple's future?

Probability of a split: 50/50


They've been around a long time, and seem to manage their fame well, but it's always a red flag when a couple breaks apart for an extended period of time. Coming together again can mean both sides are stronger, or it can mean they delayed the inevitable. For our sake let's hope these two stars keep shining brightly together.

Sarah Jessica Parker/ Matthew Broderick


Signs: Aries/Pisces

Aries likes to start new projects and Pisces is great at being flexible. That's why these two signs work. However Aries can also be insensitive, and Pisces always care about how another feels. That's good news right? Maybe not. Aries can take off and carry Pisces with them, but if Pisces neglects themselves for too long there could be trouble.

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This helps explain how Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have been so successful, having been married for 20 years. She's created one of TV's most legendary and groundbreaking roles, and Broderick is still famous for being a boy-faced charmer. If Broderick was like many other egotistical Hollywood-leading men this match wouldn't have worked, but Broderick put his wife first and we couldn't be happier about it.


Probability of a split: 1/99

Twenty years has gone by and the relatively private couple seem happier than ever. If Broderick was going to feel outshone by Parker it would have happened by now, which means this couple found the perfect way to balance themselves.

Blake Shelton/Gwen Stefani

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Signs: Gemini/Libra

Gemini and Libra have instant sparks, but while hot fires burn brightly, they also burn out quicker. Libra needs to be together, Gemini likes to be together...until they don't. A Gemini man is clever and charming and as long as he's trying to figure out his partner he'll be theirs. Eventually he will though, and what happens then is anyone's guess.


Shelton might be the textbook case of womanizing Gemini. Charming, handsome, he's had some of the most beautiful ladies on his arm...for awhile. Stefani fell under his spell and the two seem to be great together, but holding his interest isn't easy. Stefani has always been a trailblazer though, and if anyone can do it she can.

Probability of a split: 80/20

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The stars don't like this couple's chances. Shelton has proven himself a wanderer, and Stefani won't take his ways for long.

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