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He Heard A Desperate Meow Coming From A Crate, When He Saw Those Sweet Eyes He Had To Step In

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As a cat lover, it breaks my heart to hear stories of cats who are abandoned or abused. How someone can do terrible things to such a sweet animal will never cease to confuse me.

Yet, in London, England last week, another cat was left on the street with no one to help him.

A man named George was walking down the street when he heard a desperate meow. George saw the cat in a carrier abandoned on a sidewalk, with a few toys scattered around it. Immediately, he knew this cat needed help. George made eye-contact with the ginger cat, who just kept meowing and pleading for help.

It was too hot outside for the cat, obviously, but George didn't know what to do other than move the cat to safety. He called the police immediately, just in case they had any leads on the situation.

See where Marcus has ended up now on the next page!

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