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The One Thing All Moms Need According To Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is revealing the secret to raising her four children, and it's not what you would expect.  

The 35-year-old singer has two children, three-year-old River Rose and 21-month-old Remington Alexander, with her husband Brandon Blackstock.

Blackstock also two children from a previous relationship, Savannah and Seth.

When she was asked if she and her husband were done having children, there was no doubt in Clarkson's mind about the answer. She gave an emphatic, "Absolutely!" confirming there will be no more children planned for the couple.

Her children have been the main inspiration in her life and have helped give her some perspective.

"I think when you're younger and in this kind of industry where everyone is always applauding you "“ or talking bad or good about you "“ they're still talking about you and it's so hard to not drink your punch," she said.

Taking those lessons, she plans on passing it on to her children.

"I'm going to teach my kids to do what they love, regardless if they're the most famous person doing it. Love what you do. Love who you work with and don't work with people you don't and don't do things you don't love," she said.

She is definitely not shy about the challenges of raising children, however.

During a recent episode of The Voice the "Miss Independent" singer reveled her secret to parenting.

Clarkson has been known to not be shy about her parenting techniques, often receiving criticism for them.

From being shamed for giving her daughter Nutella on toast, and criticized for weighing in on the conversation on spanking, it doesn't seem to stop her from sharing her opinions about raising children.

In fact, she is now sharing what her secret to surviving parenthood is on some days.

"They are challenging," Clarkson said, referring to raising children. "Wine is necessary. They're great though. Out of the mouths of babes. They say stuff where you're like "˜Damn.' They call you out. They teach me."

While parenthood is about teaching kids and driving them in the right direction, she admits that it could actually be the other way around sometimes.

"I know it sounds silly but kids teach you to be a better human. They're watching every moment, not only me at home but me sitting here with y'all."

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For all of her four children, she has high hopes and dreams for their lives.

"I hope with our two boys and our two girls that they see their parents as successful, loving and respectful people "˜cause that's what we want for them."

Do you agree that wine makes parenting a little easier?

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