The Property Brothers Helped Their Parents Renew Their Vows In The Most Epic Way [PHOTOS]

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Last month we told you about the very special gift the wonderful Drew and Jonathan Scott of the Property Brothers fame have given their parents.

The 39-year-old twins and their older brother wanted to help their mom, Joanne, and dad, Jim, celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in the most unforgettable way and boy did they deliver!

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The brothers surprised their parents with a trip to renew their vows in Scotland, their father's birthplace.

“They had originally eloped, so they never had a real wedding,” Jonathan explained recently in a Facebook Live video. “So after 50 years of marriage, this August we’re going to Scotland and we’re going to renew their vows.”


The Scotts along with their partners flew to Scotland and threw a vow renewal ceremony Jim and Joanne won't ever forget.


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