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The Queen Is Hiring A New Staff Member: You Can Help Break In Her Shoes

Getting a job working for the Queen of England sounds like something that only happens in movies - or fairy tales - but the opportunity does come along once in a while.

If you didn't jump at your chance to be Princess Kate's personal assistant, this opportunity to join Queen Elizabeth's staff might be up your alley.

There are just a few problems: first, there's bound to be lots of competition. Second, it's not a very fun job. Finally, you'll need to wear size 4 shoe size to be hired.

If that sounds all right to you, you may have a future breaking in the Queen's new shoes.

The Telegraph

The Express revealed that the monarch hires someone to soften every new pair of shoes she buys to help avoid blisters.

You can't just wear them out around town either. First, the worker needs to put on beige, cotton ankle socks, the same kind the Queen herself wears. Then you need to march around until the shoes are soft, but only on the carpet in the royal palace, so they stay in good condition.

This may sound extreme, but the 90-year-old ruler does a special engagement almost every day, so she spends a lot of time on her feet.

The Telegraph

If you're starting to wonder what the perks of this job are, there is one upside.

You'll get to sport the Queen's stylish "work shoes," her iconic, handmade Anello and Davide leather high heels, which cost $1,200 per pair.

Hey, it's a living!

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