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The Queen Uses a Drugstore Brand For Her Go-To Nail Polish Color

Royalty or not, we all like to have manicured finger nails. Queen Elizabeth II reportedly has a favorite nail polish and it's not what you would expect.

This sheer, powder-pink hue from Essie has been her go-to color since 1989 when the monarch's hairdresser wrote a letter to the brand founder Essie Weingarten to request a bottle of the elegant, best-selling polish.

The flattering color works well with most of the Queen's wardrobe, which often consists of 2-piece outfits and coats with notable punchy tones.

Queen Elizabeth always looks so put together, with elaborate outfits that must cost a fortune. Surprisingly her manicure doesn't. The bottle of Essie in the color "Ballet Slippers" has served her well over the last 30 years and can be bought at any local drug store.

The Queen is not the only royal known to be a fan of the drugstore brand Essie. When the Duchess of Cambridge married Prince William in 2011, her manicurist blended Essie's popular Allure shade with Bourjois So Laque Nail Enamel in "Rose Lounge" to create the lovely, timeless color.  

Will you be running out to the store to grab a bottle of this royal color choice?