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The Queen's Special Gesture Is Helping Young Victims Heal (Photos)

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In the aftermath of the Manchester terror attack, the Queen paid a visit to 15-year-old Millie Robson, 14-year-old Evie Mills and 12-year-old Amy Barlow who were among the 14 children rushed to the hospital after Monday night's tragedy.

14 children still remain at the hospital, including 5 in critical care. A total of 75 people were admitted to 8 different hospitals following the attack at Manchester Arena.

Daily Mail

When spending time with Evie, the  91-year-old monarch said, "It's dreadful. Very wicked. To target that sort of thing."

Evie was rushed to hospital with leg and chest injuries during the attack following the concert.

“The good news is the surgery went well, it's rest all day tomorrow but needs another operation Thursday. Love you Evie Mills,” wrote her worried dad.

Evie told the Monarch that she had received the concert tickets as a birthday present.

Evie Mills, 14, her mother Karen and father, CraigDaily Mail

See photos of her visiting with the 2 other young girls who were injured on the next page.

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