The Real Endings Of Fairy Tales You Won't Be Reading Your Kids

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"And they all lived happily ever after!" is a classic ending to fairy tales. But if you heard the actual endings to most of the stories you read your kids, odds are you wouldn't find them so happy. Death, destruction, and bodily harm isn't necessarily bed time material! Fairy tales were used as warning stories for children back in the day, as opposed to fantasy dream lives they're seen as now.

Here are some of the most famous fairy tales, and their not-so-famous endings.


What We Know: Cinderella's father marries an evil step-mother who brings her daughters, Cindy's evil step-sisters, to live in the house. Cinderella is forced to do all the housework in her own home. Her fairy godmother shows up and turns her into a princess for the night. Cinderella meets Prince Charming but loses her shoe trying to run back home before the clock strikes midnight. Her prince finds her and they live happily ever after.

What Actually Happens: Cinderella kills her first step-mother so her father will marry the housekeeper instead. She didn't know six daughters would also be coming along.

The Lesson: Oddly enough it's not "don't kill people" but rather "careful what you wish for."

Sleeping Beauty

What We Know: Aurora gets put under a spell and can only be awaken by a kiss from her one true love. Prince Phillip kisses the princess, and she awakes from her slumber! What a happy ending!

What Actually Happens: While Aurora is sleeping, it turns out she's impregnated by a monarch and gives birth to TWINS. This is how she wakes up. To find out she's a mother of two. The Baby Daddy sends for the princess and her kids to bring them all together to be a family. Funny story, though. He's married. And when she finds out her husband has a secret family, she tries to kill them all. The King stops it, and then Sleeping Beauty gets to marry the guy who impregnated her against her will.

The Lesson: It should probably be "don't rape people" but the moral of this story was that true love conquers all.

Continue reading to find out which fairy tales ends in the main character ripping themselves in half!

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