The Reason This Dog Is Snuggling With Stuffed Animals Will Break Your Heart

The last few months have been an emotional roller coaster for this poor dog named Twinkle, but things are finally looking up. Her story begins in Mexico, where she was found living on the streets by Xavier Hernandez and his mother.

The two brought Twinkle back to their home in California, and things seemed fine at first. But the family was in for another surprise: when they took Twinkle to the veterinarian, they found out she was pregnant!

Sadly, Twinkle's three puppies were stillborn, and the dog was obviously heartbroken. Hernandez's mother wanted to lift her pet's spirits, so she came up with a bright idea.

She bought three stuffed puppy toys and let them cuddle up to Twinkle as if they were her own children.

While there's no substitute for the real thing, these toys seemed to help Twinkle with her grief.

Thankfully, Hernandez says Twinkle is feeling better now. This dog has her new, loving family to thank. Hopefully we all have such caring people nearby when we need them!

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