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This Dog Is Being Called A Hero After Saving His Best Friend

You always hear that dogs are a man's best friend, and they prove that over and over again. This dog however, isn't just a best friend, he's a hero.

A young boy was riding his tricycle on the street with his best friend sitting by, but when a car drives up the road the dog doesn't miss a beat. Immediately he runs up to the car, and forces it to stop.

How does he do that? By putting himself in the way of the moving vehicle!

Luckily the car isn't moving very fast, but the dog bravely runs and jumps onto the hood so the driver knows that they can't keep driving. He keeps an eye on his tiny human friend, making sure he's safe while he holds his position in the way of the car.

He has an obvious sense of responsibility to protect the kid, and will do whatever he has to so that he is safe. It's just so sweet to see how strong their bond really is!

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