The Ride That Killed A Marine Recruit In Ohio Is Reopening

The Ohio State Fair is a highlight for many kids, but a tragic accident put a halt on the event as investigators tried to find out how a thrill ride could come apart and kill an 18-year-old boy.

This July, the ride Fire Ball, known for twirling and whirling those aboard, fell apart in the middle of operation. Several people were thrown from great heights. Seven people were injured and Tyler Jarrel, an 18-year-old Marine Recruit, was killed.

It was recently announced that the ride, having cleared inspection, will be reopened and return to operation at the Fair for the rest of the summer.

The plans come just a day after the Jarrell family buried their boy in a solemn ceremony just outside Columbus.

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The United States has strict rules for operating amusement park rides, and the ride in question had cleared at least two inspections on the day of the accident.

Ohio Governor John Kasich ordered all rides shut down at the fair, until another independent safety screening had been conducted.

The later scans found nothing, and the ride is now cleared for use.

The investigation into why the ride fell apart is ongoing; the Jarrell family says they plan to file a wrongful death suit against the makers of the ride and the corporation responsible for operating the machine. The Dutch manufacturer, KMG, immediatly ordered a halt to all other rides of the same type.

No injuries on this type of ride, in manufacture since the 90s, have ever been reported before now. The company is also investigating the cause of the accident.

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