Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Honors Fan Killed In Car Crash With Touching Tribute


Whenever we turn on our television to watch a show or a movie, we typically tend to pick one featuring our favorite celebrities.

In the past few years, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been one of America's favorite stars, and his success at the box office has proved it.

But aside from being an award-winning actor and loving family man, Johnson is a selfless individual when it comes to his fans.

*scroll left. Best part of fame. This past week on set of our Disney's JUNGLE CRUISE, we had our MAKE-A-WISH DAY where we fly in kids from all across the country who's wish is to meet the big, brown, bald, tattooed guy known as DJ, The Rock, Freakishly Large Dude etc etc. Here I'm meeting my buddy Brandon, who's blind. I said, "Brandon I know you can't see the arm, but you can FEEL it and I'm 97.6% sure you're feeling the most muscular arm 🤣💪🏾in the world! An absolutely beautiful day meeting my heroes. I'll share more pics and vids this week and as I always say, stuff like this will always be the best part of fame. #OnSet #Disney #JungleCruise #SkipperFrank #FreakishlyLarge #MakeAWishDay ❤️💫🤟🏾

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The former pro-wrestler also goes out of his way to bring joy to his supporters, even if they've already passed away.

On August 23, 18-year-old YouTube star Trevor "McSkillet" Heitmann drove down the wrong side of Interstate 805, causing a fiery collision.

The crash impacted nearly a dozen automobiles caught in rush hour traffic, with "multiple vehicles on fire," CHP Officer Mary Bailey said according to the Los Angeles Times.

"People were running around ... and someone was on the ground," an eyewitness told the publication. "They were trying to help him, he was raising his hand, and they were just surrounding him."

The crash, which involved up to five vehicles, killed Heitmann, Aileen Pizarro, 46, and her 12-year-old daughter at the scene.

Following the death of his mother and sister, Angelo Pizarro sent a message to Johnson on Twitter, asking if the Moana star if he could make a video message for Aileen's funeral, who loved the actor "so so so much."

"My beautiful mom who passed away loved @TheRock so so SO much. I'm trying to get him to do even a video saying her name for the funeral," the tweet read.

"If you could retweet the crap outta this for him to see it that'd mean the world. Thank you!"

Johnson eventually caught wind of Angelo's request and filmed a short clip for the mourning family.

"I'm sending you so much love and light and strength your way, from my family to yours," Johnson said in the video.

"I'm so sorry to hear about your sister and your mom and this tragic loss that you're going through. If your mom could see me now, which I'm sure she can, I just want to thank her for all the love and for being such a big fan. Stay strong."

Of course, Angelo was overjoyed with Johnson's kind words, and thanked him for his tribute.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH SIR. I hope everyone knows how amazing you are," Angelo responded.

"I can't stop smiling knowing she's smiling so much. Just, thank you. And again thank you to every single person who viewed my post (now over a million)."

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