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Freckles Are The New Beauty Trend And People Are Tattooing Them On Their Faces

Beauty trends come and go but some things are forever. Those things are tattoos. When people decide to use tattoos as a way to keep up with a trends, things get strange.

The latest crazy beauty trend is pretty extreme. People are tattooing their faces so it looks as though they have freckles. That's right, the thing that so many people were bullied for when they were in elementary school is now the latest beauty trend.

So what people are doing is getting little tattoos all over their faces to resemble freckles. They start off really dark but apparently will fade to look like real freckles after about a week or two.

Do you think they look like freckles?

Apparently this beauty treatment will last for about two years but that is a pretty long commitment to a style. It also must hurt quite a bit? These tattoos are on some of the most sensitive parts of your face!

Would you ever give it a try? I still remember getting made fun of for having freckles when I was a kid so it's a little surprising that people would want them on

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