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The True And Amazing Story Of One Couple, Two Sets Of Twins And One Very Big Surprise!

When Craig and Carrie were told that they couldn't have children, the news didn't deter their dreams of one day having a house full of children.

In order to make their dreams come true, the couple decided to pursue adoption. Fate intervened when they got a call from an old friend who had given birth to a set of twins on February 28. She couldn't take care of the babies and asked the couple to adopt them.

They brought home their first daughters, Adalynn and Kenna.

The following year, the birth mother reached out to the couple a second time. She requested that they take guardianship of her second set of twins -  Cece and J. J., also born on February 28!

So, now the happy couple are the parents of four beautiful children, thanks to the assistance of My One Chance Foundation.

If that wasn't crazy enough, Carrie discovered she was pregnant and to their great surprise, their biological twins were born on February 28 - exactly one year after their second set of older siblings! Little Karraline and Clarissa celebrated their first birthday along with their older siblings this year!

Three sets of twins all born on Feburary 28 three years apart! Incredible!

The couple have started a fundraising campaign on Adopt Together to assist with funding the adoption process and care of their incredible children!

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[h/t: Adopt Together/  Karen Kingsbury]

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