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The Viral Photo Of A Nurse Caring For A Mom Post-Birth Has Mothers Everywhere Sharing Emotional Stories - Grab The Tissues

Lauren Jolly

When your water breaks and the contractions are at their most intense, mothers-to-be rely on the expertise, kindness and patience of their nurses to guide them through the labor, delivery and everything that comes after. Often everything becomes a blur and we under estimate the value of these wonderful people that help guide us though the most vulnerable moments of our lives.

Her latest experience in the delivery room, didn't go unnoticed to writer and mom-of-four, Jill Krause.


She posted her thoughts on Facebook and it quickly went viral.

"I'll never forget the faces of the nurses who followed me into the bathroom after delivering each baby. That moment when I was so vulnerable, so tired, scared, shaky. My swollen belly deflating, and my modesty long gone. They treated me with such kindness and dignity," she wrote.

She saw a photo of her friend with a nurse in the bathroom after the birth of her child, as she guided her on how treat her body that has been ravaged by childbirth, and it took her right back to when she was there herself.

"For me, these have been moments of empowerment and confirmation that I have a real village to help me, even if just for that little bit of time in a bathroom, on a toilet, while a kind nurse shows me how to put an ice pad on my mesh undies," she continued.

I'll never forget the faces of the nurses who followed me into the bathroom after delivering each baby. That moment when...

Posted by Baby Rabies on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Within days the post had been shared over 45,000 times and acquired 77,000 reactions.

This prompted other moms to start sharing their incredible journey through motherhood and the nurses they couldn't be more grateful to along the way.

When you're in the delivery room, anything can happen at any time. By the time you are said and done, you are filled with blood, sweat, tears, everything it takes to bring a baby into the world. The nursing staff understand that, and do not shy away from it.

"When I was pushing, I'll never forget pulling my face away from my nurse's chest to see her scrub top SOAKED with my sweat and tears. I was like, 'Oh my god I'm so sorry!' And she said, 'Baby, this is life all over my shirt. Nowhere else I'd rather be. Now let's get that baby out.'" - Leigh Kathleen, Facebook

Everything seems to happen so quickly when you're in the delivery room, that you often forget to capture the moments you cherish. So when a nurse steps up to make sure you don't regret it 20 years down the road, it really means a lot.

"My delivery nurse grabbed my cellphone without me asking and snapped pictures of my boyfriend and I when they first put the baby on my chest. It was honestly one of the sweetest things anyone could've done for me that day 💜I'll always be thankful for that." - Isabel Victoria, Facebook

Isabel Victoria- Facebook

There are so many emotions that happen the moment your child makes their way into the world, and some people bring more of their story into the delivery room than you would ever expect.

"My husband and I lost our daughter at 23 weeks two years ago, and delivered our rainbow baby boy at the same hospital this May. All the nurses I had knew our history, and when my son was born he wasn't breathing. He was immediately taken away to the NICU and I just could not stop sobbing. My nurses cried with me. They rubbed my hair and my back and did everything they possibly could to get me mobile and up to see my sweet boy in the NICU." —Lauren Self, Facebook

Lauren Self- Facebook

"My first daughter was stillborn. The night I was in labor, my nurse brought all of her paperwork in my room. She stayed with me the entire night while I labored. She only left my room when the other nurses absolutely needed her. They helped by covering for her the majority of the night. She cried with me when my daughter was finally born. She made a box of of my daughter's things for me. I have that box of keepsakes to this day. A year and a half later, when my daughter, Amelia, was born, as soon as she clocked in she ran to my room to meet her. I've never seen this woman before or after (although I had flowers and a card sent to her), but for the rest of my life she will hold a special place in my heart." - Angela Fauber Whitehouse, Facebook

"I will never forget the doctor, nurses, and doula who helped me deliver my second son. My first son, Cillian, died suddenly at 13 months old in February 2016. I was due with my second in march 2016. I was in no state to be giving birth, much less care for a newborn. I needed help and my doula was the angel I needed. She was able to keep the birth positive in the wake of such complete sorrow. My nurses were so kind and compassionate. They were the same ones who helped deliver Cillian a year before. They did anything and everything possible to make me feel comfortable. My doctor not only attended Cillian's funeral a month earlier but tried to ease any fear I had before, during, and after labor. I am so thankful for all these professions and their hard work and dedication.Below is a photo I've never shared. This was taken by my doula and depicts the conflicting emotion of welcoming a new child into the world shortly after burying another." - Sarah Hicks Lauretta, Facebook

Sarah Hicks Lauretta - Facebook

Thank you to all the nurses that get us through the hardest and most joyous time of our lives. You're a real blessing!