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The World's First Nutella Cafe Is Opening In America - Start Lining Up Now

If your morning doesn't start until you spread a whole lot of sweet, hazelnut-flavored spread on your toast then we have some great news for you. Since it debuted in Italian grocery stores in 1965, Nutella has become a global phenomenon. Today, a jar of Nutella is sold somewhere on the planet every 2.5 seconds.

So it's only natural that Ferrero, the company that makes both Nutella and Kinder Eggs, is finally opening a whole restaurant devoted to the spread.

The Nutella Cafe opens in Chicago later this month, with a menu full of mouthwatering Nutella creations.

Everything about the cafe, from the design to the food and drinks, is inspired by Nutella and the product's world-famous packaging.

"It's designed to feel like you're actually walking into a jar of Nutella," says one of the store's developers, which sounds a little strange but also very delicious.

Customers can sample classic Nutella dishes like crepes and grilled baguettes, but also new creations like Nutella fondue and mini-waffles drizzled in the sauce.

Even the cafe's hanging lights are shaped like hazelnut flowers.

If you can't make the trip out to Chicago, there's no reason to worry. Nutella is a huge seller in more than 160 countries, so odds are more cafes like this will pop up all over the world.

Oddly, there are also lots of non-Nutella options available at the cafe, including grilled sandwiches and soup.

I guess you can't eat Nutella for every meal, but it sure would be nice if we could!

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