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The 9 Foods You Should Never Microwave

These days, we rely on the microwave a lot more than our parents did. It's fast, easy to use, and it can cook lots of different  kinds of food.

But because it's such an easy appliance to use, you may not realize how dangerous it can be. We all know that metal doesn't belong in the microwave, but there are some foods that are just as bad.

If you're not aware of what foods are unsafe you could end up hurting yourself or even starting a fire, so take a moment to look through this list of foods that should never go in the microwave.

1. Carrots

If you pay attention to the nutritional value of your produce, you may know that carrots are full of minerals. While this is good for your health, it's bad for your kitchen, because it makes them spark and even catch fire when you put them in the microwave. So be safe, and keep these on the stove top instead.

2. Frosted Meat

We get it, some days you come home from work, realize you forgot to put your dinner in the fridge, and need to defrost some meat really fast. Trust us, don't put it in the microwave. Not only can this damage your meat, the microwave is a very uneven way of cooking, which can leave pockets of bacteria on your meal.

3. Breast Milk

It may seem convenient, but heating your baby's milk in the microwave makes some parts of the bottle warmer than others, which can be dangerous for little mouths. Instead, heat a coffee mug of water, then drop your bottle in the water to warm it up.

4. Eggs

Let's be clear: heating up some leftover scrambled eggs is fine, but never try to make hard boiled eggs in the microwave. Pressure builds up inside the shell with nowhere to go, then the hot eggs explode either in your microwave or in your face. Just take a few extra minutes to boil some water instead.

5. Broccoli

Don't worry, it's not dangerous to microwave broccoli, just unhealthy. When broccoli is cooked in the microwave, you're cooking out almost all of the healthy nutrients. You can avoid this by using a covered dish, and adding a little less water, but it's probably easier to steam them using your stove.

6. Chili Peppers

Cooking hot peppers in the microwave is extremely dangerous. If they don't catch fire, they'll end up releasing a chemical called capsaicin instead. If that sounds familiar, it's because it's the same thing they use to make pepper spray. You can seriously harm your eyes and throat if you get close to this stuff, so keep your peppers in the oven.

7. Pasta

Even put a plate of pasta in the microwave? After a minute of noisy popping, your microwave is covered in sauce and your plate is still cold. So what's happening here? Basically, red sauce is really hard to heat up with a microwave, so heat builds up unevenly and then makes the sauce "pop," making a big mess. Add a little oil to a warm pan and stir your pasta on it for an easier, cleaner way to reheat spaghetti.

8. Grapes

Grapes - as well as raisins - are full of sugar, so when they heat up they catch fire almost immediately. Some people have even reported burning grapes popping out of their microwaves when they open the door, which is really dangerous. Then again, why would you want to heat up grapes?

9. Water

When you boil water on a stove, the steam escapes into the air. When you try to boil water in a microwave, steam has nowhere to go. It gets trapped at the bottom of the container, and can make the water "leap" out to burn you.

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