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Their Vaginas Are Making Them Suicidal With Pain, All Because Of A Common Procedure

Over 800 women are suing the UK government's National Health Service after a procedure left them in constant severe pain.

A treatment using vaginal mesh implants is used to treat incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Both can occur after childbirth. The women underwent the procedure but have since experienced constant pain, leaving them unable to work, have sex or even walk. One woman says she contemplated suicide because the pain was so great.

"I want the procedure banned, I want the material banned," said Claire Cooper, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

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Cooper has been to a number of doctors and none have been able to help. She said one even diagnosed the pain as coming from her uterus - which she had removed years ago.

The pain has caused incredible anguish for Cooper. She says it's been over 4 years since she's had sex with her husband.

"This stuff breaks up marriages," she said. She added that at one point she was even considering suicide, but fights through it for her children.

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Another woman, Kate Langley, has been hospitalized over 50 times because of the implant. The doctors say it's too close to her nerve endings to remove however. She's was left with no choice but to give up her business.

During one of her visits to the hospital a surgeon made a disturbing find.

"He said he could see the mesh come through my vagina. It had cut its way through like a cheese-wire," Langley told BBC.

Other women report similar situations. Some say the mesh has cut so far into their vagina that even their partners were injured during sex.

The NHS has said very little regarding the lawsuit, but in a statement they said they "sympathised" with the complainants.

So far there are no plans to halt the procedure.

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