Then vs. Now: How Much Have Prices Changed?

Have you ever gone to pay for your groceries and been floored by the total cost? You go through the list to make sure the cashier hasn't double scanned anything or something rang in wrong. But nope, apples are just expensive and cheese rivals the cost of college tuition.

Not to mention fast food prices, clothing prices, and general merchandise.

But how about we take a look back at what prices used to be, the good ol' days?

See if you remember when prices were this low, and prices were commonly measured in cents, not dollars!

Burger Meals


1960: $0.28

Present: $6.99



1950: $0.30 per gallon

Now: $3.22 per gallon



1980: $1.59 per gallon

Now: $3.37


Retro Waste

1950: $850

Now: $30,000

Cup of Coffee

Applied Arts

1950: $0.10

Now: $1.38

College Tuition


1970: $1,800

Now: $45,602

Sunday Newspaper

This Is Money

1962: $0.50

Now: $6.00

What are you most aggravated about when it comes to price inflation? Let us know!

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