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There Used To Be One Of These In Every Home, But Kids Today Have No Idea What It Is

Looking back at vintage and antique household objects really makes it clear that times have changed. Everything is designed to be easy, and fast but some things just aren't as gorgeous as they used to be.

Do you know what this is? I bet your kids don't! They were everywhere before modern technology made things a little less complicated.

Who remembers seeing their mom or grandma sitting at one of these sewing machine tables? They were built so they had a spot to put the sewing machine into, and instead of a plastic pedal it was built right into the table!

Did you have one in your house growing up?

Do you still have one?

Even the sewing machines back then were so much more beautiful than they are now. Look at the details!

Such beautiful machines! It would be pretty fun to try to use one of these again!

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