Do You Know Your Celtic Zodiac Sign?

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There's A Celtic Zodiac, Which Sign Are You?


Most of us have grown up with the standard zodiac.

We know whether we're Virgos or Capricorns, and a lot of us know generally what that means. Taurus is stubborn, Leo likes the limelight, and Sagittarius needs to stop talking.  

That zodiac has been around since Roman times, and is based on Babylonian astronomers, but they weren't the only culture to have a zodiac, and it's not the only way to predict a person's personality.

The Celtic Zodiac is even older than the Roman one, but shares a lot of similarities.

Traits change based on the month you were born, and you'll be startled to find just how accurate it is. The Celts used animals as their guides as opposed to constellations, which one are you?!

Stag/Deer - Dec 24 to Jan 20

These noble creatures will not change their minds easily. They are patient and persistent, and won't stop until a task is completed. If you know someone that is always willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work, this might be their sign.

Cat - Jan 21 to Feb 17

You don't have to think too hard about what a cat person might be like. Smart, logical and usually liking to go their own way, a Celtic cat hides a kindness that warms the heart of people they're close to.

Snake - Feb 18 to March 17

Don't rush to judgement about this serpent sign. A snake is curious and adventurous, although they maintain a cool exterior. They are also surprisingly good with people, and are usually able to make others come around to their way of thinking. Sssssound like anyone you know?

Fox - March 18 to April 14

Crazy like a fox. There's a reason that's a famous saying, and people born around this time embody it completely. Super crafty, a fox won't settle down easily, and even if they do they still love to have fun.

Bull - April 15 to May 12

If you were born under this sign, you're probably the most stable person you know. On the regular zodiac you'd be a Taurus, but for the Celtic you're a bull. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

Steady, sturdy and oftentimes stubborn, there's no greater friend or lover than a bull when it comes to dependability.

Seahorse - May 13 to June 9

This sign is very adaptable, what else would you expect from a species whose men give birth?

They have great memories, and will use them to find a new way of doing things, or just to get themselves out of trouble. If you need to find a loophole, talk to a seahorse.

Wren - June 10 to July 7

Wrens are a Celtic bird known for their beautiful songs and relative calm. The people born under this sign are also known to keep a steady head during rough patches, and will always be there to cheer up their friends or family.

Horse - July 8 to Aug 4

I won't lie, I'm a little jealous not to have been born under this sign.

Full of life, people born under this sign are tough to saddle. Friendly and outgoing, they always seem to have energy. When they do let someone get close, you'll know you have a friend for life.

Salmon - Aug 5 - Sept 1

Salmon go their own way. They dive deep and leap where others won't. If you're born during August, you're probably also naturally intuitive and very creative.

Swan - Sept 2 to Sept 29

It's not easy looking this good.

Swans are picky, and have incredibly high standards. That's not a criticism though, while swans may be quite judgmental they also make great long as you can put up with some criticism.

Butterfly - Sept 30 to Oct 27

I wonder if the term "Social Butterfly" came from the Celtic Zodiac? It could have. Always involved in the lives of their friends, these people will make sure everyone is having a good time.

Wolf - Oct 28 to Nov 24

Courageous and proud, a wolf makes a great leader. While they may be stubborn, you can bet they'll always be looking out for your best interest.

People born under this sign love a challenge, and won't take the easy way out.

Hawks - Nov 25 to Dec 23

Hawks are everywhere in Celtic lore, which makes this a special sign.

They are known to be wise, but can sometimes be guilty of flying off to other projects before one is done. If you're a hawk, you probably let yourself do the flying, rather than letting someone else guide you.

Do you match your sign? Let us know in the comments!

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