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There's A New Candy That Makes You Tan

Everyone wants to be tan in the summer. Even if you don't actively seek out some color during the warmer months, not many people will complain when they notice they've got a small tan going on. The problem is that so many tanning treatments are terrible for your skin and harmful for your overall health.

First off, tanning in general can give your skin a leathery appearance and make you appear much older than you actually are. Even if you tan naturally in the sun, too much UV exposure can lead to skin cancer.

Tanning beds are also nasty culprits for skin cancer. Tawny Dzierzek went viral after posting "a little motivation" for people not to lay in tanning beds.

"This is what skin cancer treatment can look like," she posted. "Wear sunscreen and get a spray tan. Learn from other people's mistakes. Don't let tanning prevent you from seeing your children grow up. That's my biggest fear now that I have a two year old little boy of my own."

Personally, I have never laid in a tanning bed, and because of my fair skin I wear a ton of sunscreen because I burn so easily. Growing up, my parents always made sure to let me know the dangers of not wearing sunscreen. I was always jealous of those people that could come back from summer vacation looking golden brown, though. It was my dream.

But it looks like now I don't have to worry about laying in a tanning bed or sitting out in the sun for hours, because there's a new candy that will actually make you tan just by eating it.

Drugstores in the UK are now selling UTan Tan Gummies, which claim to increase your tan without any exposure to the sun or UV light.

The gummies, which are juicy raspberry flavor, are the world's first edible tanning supplement, and help "accelerate and enhance the perfect bronze tone to pale skin." Users will need to take the gummies twice a day, and there are 60 gummies in a container. It's recommended that you take the gummies for three weeks to achieve your "dream shade" and then reduce your intake after that.

This is how the company claims the gummies work.

Patent Pending Tan Gummies® help to accelerate & enhance the perfect bronze tone to pale skins, with & without the sun. GMO Free. Gluten Free.

Tan Gummies® allow potent actives to be held in the buccal cavity for a considerable time, resulting in "˜direct absorption' through the membranes in the cheek walls.

More powerful than anything else available on the market today containing a blend of essential plant nutrients: beta-carotene; lycopene; lutein; zeaxanthin & astaxanthin including a range of EFSA approved ingredients: Vit E & Selenium help protect the skin from oxidative stress;

Vit C to help with the formation of collagen in skin; Zinc & Riboflavin for the maintenance of normal skin.

The gummies are both gluten free and vegan, and are already gaining quite a following. UTan says the best way to promote your tan is to eat the gummies before going out into the sun, which almost seems to defeat the purpose of taking the supplement in the first place.


One user already gave the product a stamp of approval.

I've been using the Utan Tan Gummies for 5 days and already I'm seeing a visible subtle change in skin tone. They taste lovely!

They look cute and are fun to take! They taste of Raspberry and are Vegan friendly which is a big plus.

If you're afraid of self tanning then I would personally try these first then use a Gradual product from the Utan & Tone collection. All in all an absolute game changer and I'm sure you will love these as much as I do!

Oh and guys, these are a perfect alternative to self tanning products as no one will know your secret

Right now, the gummies are only available in the UK, and there's really no telling what the potential side effects there are, if any. Of course, one big issue is that people could over-use the product or start eating them like candy.

Would you try these gummies to make you more tan?

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