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There's A Tarot Card For Every Zodiac Sign, Here's What Yours Says About You

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Whether or not you believe that the tarot can provide guidance about your future, the symbolism behind the cards can serve a deeper purpose.

The little stories within each card are linked to the life lessons each zodiac sign needs to learn in order to become their best selves. Each card is a little clue as to the tweaks we each need to make.

Each archetype is represented by these beautiful tarot cards designed by Yoshi Yoshitani. Find yours below!

Aries : The Emperor

Your archetype is The Emperor. As a symbol of leadership, you know how to use your charisma and charm to get others to do what you want. You've got an incredible force of will and when you set your eyes on the prize, obstacles practically move out of the way!

Taurus: The Hierophant

Taurus is symbolized by The Hierophant, a symbol of the spiritual transition from student to teacher. You thoroughly study every aspect of your profession because you want to be certain that you are an expert in your field.

You'll know you've mastered your craft when others seek you out for advice.

Gemini: The Lovers

Although The Lovers is a card about choosing the right partner, for a Gemini, it symbolizes the personal challenge of making a specific choice. While Geminis want to have it all, their archetype, The Lovers, encourages them to consider their long-term desires before making a decision.

Cancer: The Chariot

As a Cancer, your archetype tarot card is The Chariot. Like the driver, you use your intelligence to focus life's energy as you drive yourself forward on your search for security.

This card reminds you to keep a steady hand on the reigns on your life as you steer through the changes on the path ahead.

Leo: Strength

While the archetype of strength seems pretty self-explanatory, there is a deeper meaning to be observed, dear Leo. While you are physically strong, you must also cultivate your inner strength to meet the challenges of your life head-on.

While your purpose in life is to inspire bravery in others, you've got to understand the difference between your ego and your intuitive self.

Are you born in September? Find out what your archetype tarot card has to say to you about your inner health...

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