There's A Type Of Honey That Will Make You Hallucinate

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In a world filled with psychoactive substances like alcohol, ecstasy, caffeine and LSD, honey is definitely not the first that comes to mind when talking about mind-altering drugs.

But somewhere deep in the subtropical forests of Nepal exists a bee that will have you feeling high as a kite.

Produced by Himalayan Cliff bees, the largest bees in the world, red honey also known as mad honey has psychotropic effects on the consumer. In fact, the honey is so unique that locals go through unimaginable lengths to harvest the sweet nectar.

When taken in large quantities, the rare honey can be fatal, however in small doses the potent honey has similar effects to recreational drugs including light-headedness, dizziness, increased heart rate and hallucinations.

On the other hand, the rare bee by-product has surprising positive health benefits. Click on the next page to find out what they are.

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