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There's An Ingredient In Your Cupboard That Will Safely Make Bugs Disappear

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You would probably never think to use this to get rid of bugs but finally there is a cheap, easy and safe way to kill unwanted pests.

Borax is a white mineral in some alkaline salt deposits, used in making glass and ceramics. You probably know of it as being a household cleaner, among other things.

Borax is very effective in killing and controlling various types of insects, including fleas, silverfish and beetles. It is always considered one of the most effective methods of controlling cockroaches. It has the added benefit that its residual action is more effective against newly hatched insects than most chemical sprays.

It works perfectly if it is applied by lightly layering the powder in areas that insects are a problem. If you don't know where they are coming from, put it on the edges of all your cabinets, baseboards, under the sink and in bottom cabinets, tipping the spoon and tapping gently to sprinkle the powder. You can make it more appealing to bugs by mixing borax with honey or corn syrup to form a paste and leaving it where insects can find it.

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