There's No Way You Can Finish This Video Without Laughing

Cats: they're light on their feet, graceful, and seem like they can turn themselves into water when they need to slide past something.

Well, most cats, that is.

Some cats are designed to be lovable and snuggly, not like their fit, king-of-the-jungle ancestors. These are the cats who would rather catch the food you drop than the birds in your backyard, and their waistline reflects that.

But they still need to go out and see the world sometimes, and if the only way they can do that is by sliding through your itty-bitty cat door, then they'll do it.

I'm not sure what's funnier, the way these kitties scramble to get inside, or the goofy music playing in the background.

Be honest, how far did you make it into the video before you burst out laughing? If you need another dose of chubby cats, we have you covered.

Meanwhile, if your cat is struggling to get through the door, try some of these tips instead.

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