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There's Something About Wendy's Chili That They Aren't Telling You

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Every fast-food restaurant has the meal that they're known for. McDonald's has the Big Mac, Burger King has the Whopper. Wendy's doesn't necessarily have 1 most popular meal, but they have a half dozen delicious choices that make customers come back again and again. One of those is their chili.

If you're a fan of the chili you might want to put this article down.


Wendy's has had some bad press in the past thanks to a hoax that involved a finger being found in a container of Wendy's chili. It turned out that a customer had actually planted his own severed finger in his chili in the hopes of getting a big payout from the company.

The real truth about Wendy's chili is better, but still might raise some eyebrows.

Wendy's uses their leftover burgers as their chili meat. That's something a lot of us might do at home, but isn't a common practice for a restaurant.

Wendy's insists that they do everything according to health safety procedure, and when you hear how they do it, it certainly seems safe. Cutting down on the crazy amount of food waste is also a good thing, so here's how your Wendy's Chili is actually made.

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